Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Painting with light... AGAIN!

Caitlin and I decided to go out to the sandpits just outside of Tulsa (in Bixby, for those of you who know the city) and do some painting with light. I just got a few new manual strobes, so I thought I'd use this to test them out... turns out, I only used my flash on a few shots. But, the flashlight stuff turned out really cool.

(all photos by Caitlin and me)


This was with a Mag-Lite and Caitlin's little multi-color flashlight.


Tree was strobed and multi-color flashlight'd. Grass was with the Mag-Lite.


This one is sorta morbid. But, I really liked the glow around her body.


This isn't painting with light so much as it's just open flash... but, I loved the color of the sky in this one.

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