Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hey, I just revised my singles gallery for my portfolio. If you can, take a look, leave me a comment with any thoughts/improvements/etc.



Caitlin said...

I dunno about the one of the girl singing, or the one of the guy on the nails. Conceptually I like them, but the one of the guy on the nails is almost too dark.. Thassall. :D

Anonymous said...

My favorites are 1-4 and 11 the best. Ones i think may need to be taken out, sorry to say, are 8 and 9. The rest are alright, but you can do better. hope that helps and that im not a jerk!

mediumswirl said...

10 is awesome! I love it so much. I also like Hilary's genuine expression in 7. 9 is really interesting and I like how the man is shadowed. 12 is hilarious. I can feel the coldness in 11. I'm not really into 2,3, or 5, mostly because they don't appeal to me. if I knew more about photography I could give you more insight but that's all I've got! good luck

Justin said...

A couple of caption edits: The date on the Edwards photo simply refers to "Wednesday"; maybe change it to the actual date (Jan. 30). As for the First Ward photo, I'd personally change "to Clark, as well as incumbent" to "to Clark and to incumbent", but that's just me.
Loved the photos themselves, though the Hillel one seemed less visually compelling than most of the others--and while I like the boxes in the Mangum photo, the guy himself looks a little too posed.