Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chronicles of a bored photographer, pt. 1

So, summer back home is less photography and more photofinishing. I got a job at Wolf Camera, and I haven't really been doing much actual photo work at all. Which is sad.

But! To keep myself doing SOMETHING, I've decided to do regular twice-weekly updates of this thing. Every Monday and Thursday, I'll have at least one photo and mediocre commentary. Hopefully, this will keep me thinking about actually shooting.

Today's photo was actually taken about a month and a half ago.

When I was in Columbia, I saw Stars play a show at the Blue Note. I mostly went because a bunch of friends were going and I kinda liked the band. Turns out their live show was completely and totally mindblowing. They took my expectations, buried them alive and danced on their grave. No really. Plus, they had flowers.

I developed this film (Tri-X 400 @ 2400) in my laundry room. This is yet another reason I need to be shooting more: The laundrydarkroom is pretty amazing. It's very cool to be able to shoot, develop, scan and print all at my house. I kinda love it.

So, I'm hoping I'll be able to keep this up and not totally forget.


Rob Bratney said...

i wish i knew how to do half the shit with film that you do.

good work

Laurel said...

Hey Esten, it's Laura Reese
I love your photography!
I got to see stars in California, they were really spectacular.
I really like the composition and contrast in your work, it's really nice.