Friday, February 27, 2009

Tulsa, I Love You

A few days ago, I found a collection of two years worth of negatives that I thought I lost. Going through the photos, I came upon a bunch of images that I had either forgotten about, or just not looked at in years. I used to go out to downtown Tulsa and shoot street photos whenever I got the chance, back when I was first getting into photography. Many of these photos come from that phase, and I really am just now realizing how much I miss that. Columbia isn't exactly the best place to shoot street, but I'm considering heading out with my Leica this weekend, just from remembering how much I used to love to take those kinds of photos.

Tulsa, I Love You
(Bus station)

Washing Windows

(Blue Dome district)

(Mayo motor inn)

Lovers and Children
(City courthouse)

Parked Bike
(Inside parking garage)

(Bus station)

Most of these photos were taken two years ago, when I was first getting into photography. Which means I really didn't do the best job with archival washing these... so forgive the dust and scratches.


Caitlin said...

Some of these ARE great!

Ryan Gladstone said...

thanks for the memories of Tulsa ... I need to visit it someday

I'm really drawn to the moped shot. i think it wants out.