Saturday, September 20, 2008

Opine me!

Valerie is currently at the Missouri Photo Workshop, so I had to shoot my classmate portrait project for Advanced Techniques a bit early... Since I have so much time, I'd really like your help. This goes for all of you, those who are in the class and those who aren't. I have to submit one photo for the select. First of all, I want to know which one you think I should pick. Second, if a picture would be better with a reshoot, I have a limited amount of time next Monday in the studio to redo it, but only if it's absolutely necessary.

Also, for those of you who aren't familiar with Advanced, the photos are all .jpgs, straight out of camera with cropping as the only edit. I can't (A) shoot raw or (B) edit levels or anything like that. So, keep that in mind.

Lighting: Softbox on the right, reflector high left.

I'm leaning towards this one as my select, but the right side of the face is a bit hot. There's still detail there though, so it shouldn't be TOO big of a deal. I was also thinking of shooting this again on a white background. Thoughts?

Lighting: Softbox right, reflector left, red-gelled light in the background (even though you can't see it).

Lighting: Same as previous.

Please, tell me what you think.

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Fodoz said...

definitely the first one. definitely the white background. it would make the green pop even more. it's like editing without editing!